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Listed BuildingsEdit

The Town Hall


Brackley Cottage Hospital

Hospital of St James and St John

Hospital of St Leonard

Park Hospital


Winchester House School


St Peter's Church

St James'

St John's


Inns and Taverns of BrackleyEdit

This is a list of pubs, inns and taverns past[1] and present. Where the name is followed by (1760) it indicates that it appears on the 1760 map of Brackley.

In 1760 there were over 25 public houses and inns; this had diminished to 14 in 1849 and 9 in 1894.

There are seven public houses in the town surviving from the late 19th and early 20th centuries - two of these are shown on the town plan of 1760, two date to at least 1885, two to 1922 and ‘The Manor’ Free House, formerly the Plummers Arms, appears to have been inserted into a pre-existing house.

  1. The Antelope recorded as The Antyloppe in 1536[2] (not believed to be connected to the area of Brackley known as Antelope Hill)
  2. The Bell
  3. The Black Horse
  4. The Black Swan (1760)
  5. The Butcher's Arms (1760)
  6. The Coach and Horses (1760)
  7. The Cross Keys Inn
  8. The Crown Hotel (1760)
  9. The Duke's Arms (1760)
  10. The Flying Horse[3][4]
  11. The Fox
  12. The George Inn (1760)
  13. The Greyhound (1760)
  14. The Horse and Jockey
  15. The Horseshoe (1760)
  16. The Jolly Brewers (1760)
  17. The King's Arms (1760)
  18. The King's Head (1760)
  19. The Magpie (1760)
  20. The Old Horseshoe (1760)
  21. The Plough (1760)
  22. The Plummers Arms which became The Manor.
  23. The Queen's Head (1760)
  24. The Red Lion (1760)
  25. The Reindeer now Barclays Bank[5] (1760)
  26. The Robin Hood (1760)
  27. The Royal Oak
  28. The Sun
  29. The Three Foxes
  30. The Three Horseshoes (1760)
  31. The Three Tuns (1760)
  32. The Tuns (1760)
  33. The Waggon and Horses (1760)
  34. The Wheatsheaf (1760)
  35. The White Hart (1760)
  36. The White Lion (1760)
  37. The White Swan (1760)
  38. The Woolpack (1760)


The 1850 edition of Slater’s Directory for Northamptonshire (NRO Library 2531) lists four blacksmiths in Brackley: William Alley, High Street; John Blackwell, Pebble Lane; Thomas Coles, High Street; and Richard Durrant, High Street. William Alley and Thomas Coles are listed again in Kelly’s Directory for Northamptonshire for 1854 (NRO Library 810), along with Thomas Blackwell. The latter may be a relation, perhaps a son of John Blackwell, or the forename may have been recorded incorrectly when the directory was compiled. [6]

Notable PeopleEdit

Otho Holand[7]

Viscount Brackley[8]

Thomas Egerton, 1st Viscount Brackley[9]

Francis Egerton, 3rd Earl of Ellesmere[10]

John Egerton, 4th Earl of Ellesmere[11]


Brackley Park




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